Gene. Topi. XI

  • Chew Khian Hooi University of Malaya Malaya
    Effect of Composition and Interface Intermixing on Ferroelectricity of BaTiO3/(Ba,Sr)TiO3  Superlattices
  • Jochen Feldmann Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
    Nanoplasmonics meets Bio
  • Akira Chikamatsu University of Tokyo Japan
    Topotactic reaction of transition-metal oxide thin films
  • Ladda Meesuk Kasetsart University Thailand
    Calcium Bentonite: Its versatile applications
  • Jong-in Hahm Georgetown University USA
    Fundamentals and Applications of Zinc Oxide Nanorods in Enhanced Optical Bioassays
  • Stephan Reitzenstein Technische Universität Berlin Germany 
    In-situ electron beam lithography for the fabrication of deterministic quantum light sources
  • Yasufumi FUJIWARA Osaka University Japan
    Rare-earth-doped semiconductors and their application to photonic devices
  • Koichi Ichimura Hokkaido University Japan
    Charge ordering in organic conductors
  • Kyuman Cho Sogang University South Korea
    Novel balanced-path interferometer schemes for biosensing and imaging
  • Hiroshi KUMIGASHIRA Institute of Materials Structure Science Japan
    Unusual Behavior of the Subbands in Strongly-Correlated Oxide Quantum Well Structures
  • Jong yuh Cherng National Chung Cheng University Taiwan
    Fabrication of piezoelectric components for a tunable and efficient device for DNA delivery into mammalian cells
  • Siti Hamidah Mohd Setapar Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
    Development of New Reverse Micelles Stabilized by Biosurfactant for Antibiotics Extraction
  • Yutaka Moritomo University of Tsukuba Japan
    Carrier Formation Dynamics of Organics Photovoltaics
  • Zhang Qichun Nanyang Technological University Singapore
    Doping oligoacenes with heteroatoms for organic semiconductor device applications
  • Wokyung Sung Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea
    Molecular self-assembly into hollow nanospheres and microrings
  • Hiroaki Furuse Kitami Institute of Technology Japan
    Thermal properties of transparent YAG ceramics at high temperature
  • Ki-Tae Nam Seoul National University South Korea
    Living Composite’ with built-in self-powered delivery of nutrient
  • Yasuya Nakayama Kyushu University Japan
  • Norikazu Tomita Yamagata University Japan
    Theory for the two-photon photoemission spectroscopy: Photogenaration of the Fermi surface in the electron vacuum
  • Takeharu Haino Hiroshima University Japan
    Supramolecular Polymerization of Functional Molecules Directed by Molecular Recognition
  • Jung-Chun-Andrew Huang National Cheng Kung University  Taiwan
    Epitaxial growth, structural and electronic characterizations and advanced applications of topological insulator films
  • Yongli Gao University of Rochester USA
  • M. Jamal Deen McMaster University Canada
  • Tung-Yuan Yung Institute of Nuclear Energy Research Taiwan
  • Zonghai Hu Peking University China
    Graphene superlattices
  • Yumi H. Ikuhara Japan Fine Ceramics Center Japan
    Chemical processing and microstructure observation of thin film for Li ion secondary batteries
  • Metha Rutnakornpituk Naresuan University Thailand
    Design of magneic nanoparticle surface and their bioconjugation
  • Hitoshi Ogihara Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
    Wet-chemical process to prepare functional nanostructured surface
  • Jong-Lam Lee Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea
  • Daniel Cohn Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
    Designing novel polymeric endovascular devices
  • Chih-Yu Kuo Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering Taiwan
    Magnetic controlled nanovehicle with widely drug-loading flexibility for tumor-targeting drug delivery
  • Stuart Tessmer Michigan State University USA
    Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Probe of a Superconductor / Topological Insulator Interface
  • Kazunori Matsuura Tottori University Japan
    Synthetic Viral Capsid Self-assembled from Viral Peptide Fragment
  • Tetsuya Yamamoto Kochi University of Technology Japan
    Materials Design of Wide-Bandgap ZnO for Wide Applications Including Optoelectronic Devices
  • Andri Hardiansyah National Taiwan University of Science and Technology  Taiwan
    Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment
  • Hidekazu Tanaka Osaka University Japan
    Nonvolatile Transport Properties Induced by a Field Effect Accompanying Redox Processes in Ferrite Thin Films
  • Vincent Tan National University of Singapore Singapore
    Molecular Simulations of Thin Film Polymer Nanotribology
  • Jeonghoon Yoo Yonsei University South Korea
    Systematic structural design approach in high frequency electromagnetic field
  • Yonathan Anahory Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
    Scanning SQUID-on-tip microscopy of vortex matter
  • Fei Zeng Tsinghua University China
    Conductance quantization dependent on memory media
  • Mila Frederic Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Switzerland
    New phases of matter in frustrated quantum magnets
  • Tomoko Akama Sophia University Japan
  • Julien Basset ETH Zurich Switzerland
    Single-electron double quantum dot dipole-coupled to a single photonic mode
  • Shu Yin Tohoku University Japan
    Water Controlled-Release Solvothermal Synthesis of Homogeneous Inorganic Nanomaterials with Controllable Morphologies
  • M.S. Rohani Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
    Structural and Optical Characteristics of Er3+ and Nd3+ doped Lithium Niobate Tellurite Glass
  • Francis Chi-Chung Ling University of Hong Kong China
    Thermal Evolution of Defects in Pulsed Laser Deposition Grown Zinc Oxide
  • Hideo Kaiju Hokkaido University Japan
    Structural and magnetic transition of an FeAl alloy induced by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation
  • Min-Hsiung Shih Academia Sinica Taiwan
    Room Temperature GaN metal nano-lasers
  • Shoko Kume Hiroshima Universi Japan
    Chemical Bonding Pair Selected by Electric Signal : Dual Reaction System by Cu(II)/Cu(I) Catalyst
  • Junho Choi University of Tokyo Japan
    Deposition of DLC Film on a Micro-Gear by using bipolar PBII&D
  • Hiroaki Misawa Hokkaido University Japan
    Towards nanostructure-enhanced photoenergy conversion in the plasmonic chemical reaction field
  • Tadafumi Adschiri Tohoku University Japan
    Academic-industrial alliance in Supercritical Nanomaterial Technology Consortium
  • Paola Barbara Georgetown University USA
    Photovoltaic effect in MoS2 Schottky junctions
  • Raman Vedarjan Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan 
    Dye Sensitised TiO2+WOx Nanotubes in Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
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