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  • Fumihiko Hirose Graduate School of Science and Engineering Japan
    Room temperature atomic layer deposition of oxide films with  plasma excited water vapor
  • Hong Wang Nanyang Technological University Singapore
  • Tetsuo Tsuchiya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan
    Fabrication of Metal Oxide Thin Film on Organic Substrate for Printable Electronics
  • Anter A. El-Azab Purdue University USA
    Continuum dislocation dynamics modeling of metal deformation at the mesoscale
  • Xing Wang University of South Florida USA
    RNA-mediated genome programming in the single-celled ciliate Oxytricha
  • Yoshiyuki Sugahara Waseda University Japan
    Preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid materials using oxide-based nanomaterials
  • Victor Ryzhii Tohoku University Japan
    Concepts of terahertz devices based on double-graphene-layer structures
  • Masaru Kuno University of Notre Dame USA
    Single nanostructure absorption imaging and spectroscopy
  • Joo Yull Rhee Sungkyunkwan University South Korea
  • Xingyu Gao Chinese Academy of Sciences China
  • Nasim Alem Penn State university USA
    Defects in 2D crystals: an Ultra-high resolution aberration corrected study
  • WANG Shijie National University of Singapore Singapore
    Alternative high performance transparent conductive oxides for solar cell and transistor applications
  • Can Xue Nanyang Technological University Singapore
    Metal-Semiconductor Hybrid Nanostructures with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activities
  • Kangseok Lee Chung-Ang University South Korea
    Protein Delivery by Gold Nanoblock
  • Bao-ping Zhang Xiamen University China
  • Susumu Horita Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
  • Alexander Mintairov University of Notre Dame USA
    Nano-optical study of electronic molecules in semiconductor quantum dots
  • Amichay Vardi Ben-Gurion University  Israel
    Dynamics of microcavity exciton-polaritons in a Josephson double dimer
  • Hirofumi Wada Ritsumeikan University Japan
  • Shaoqiang Tang Peking University China
  • Bo-Qing Xu Tsinghua University  China
    Pt-on-another-metal nanostrcutures as advanced electrocatalysts for electrochemical Energy conversio
  • Yiin-Kuen Fuh National Central university Taiwan
    Recent progress in near-field electrospinning of nano/microfibers and applications
  • Petr V. Prikhodchenko Russian Academy of Sciences Russia
  • Paul K. Chu City University of Hong Kong China
  • Emanuele Pelucchi Tyndall National Institute Ireland
  • Kaoru Iwano High Energy Accelerator Research Organization Japan
    Theoretical exploration of photoinduced phase transitions based on both models and first-principles methods
  • Ruqian Wu Uinversit of California Irvine USA
  • Mark A. Reed Yale University USA
    Bioelectronic Interfaces
  • Hiroshi Nishihara University of Tokyo Japan
  • Thawat Chittrakarn Prince of ongkla University Thailand
    Surface Morphology of Polysulfone Membrane treated by Simple DC-glow Discharge Plasma System
  • Pun To Yung Chinese University of Hong Kong China
  • Jurriaan Huskens University of Twente Netherlands
  • Isao Watanabe RIKEN Nishina Center Japan
    muSR studies on strongly correlated materials
  • Manijeh Razeghi Northwestern University USA
    High performance III_Nitride   Based  Deep UV  Photonic Devices on Si substrate
  • Lior Klein Bar-Ilan University Israel
    Superparamagnetism of individual SrRuO3 nanostructures – a direct confirmation of the century-old Langevin equation
  • Yanwen Wu University of South Carolina USA
  • Joseph P. Heremans Ohio State University USA
  • Evan Reed Stanford University USA
    Phase transitions in monolayer materials: New functionality beyond graphene
  • Gregory GOH Kia Liang  Nanyang Technological University Singapore
  • Noriaki Matsunaga Hokkaido University Japan
    Quantized hall effect and charge ordering in the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductors
  • Edwin Y B Pun City University of Hong Kong China
    Rare earth doped glasses for photonic applications
  • Stefan Seeger University of Zurich Switzerland
    Silicone Nanostructures: From filaments to tubes to vessels
  • Amy V. Walker University of Texas at Dallas USA
    Towards Molecular Electronics: Using Solution-Based Methods to Deposit Nanoobjects
  • Antonio Martins Figueiredo Neto University of São Paulo Brazil
    Influence of nanoparticle size on the nonlinear optical properties of magnetite ferrofluids
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