Gene. Topi. II

  • Ching-Ting Lee National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
    Recent Progress of ZnO based Materials in Devices and Sensors
  • Xiangdong Zhu University of California, Davis USA
  • Seongchan Jun Yonsei University  South Korea
    Supercapacitive performance of 2D hybrid materials
  • Hirofumi Yoshikawa Nagoya University Japan
    Solid-state electromagnetism of Prussian blue analogues and metal oxides
  • Young Jai Choi Yonsei University  South Korea
  • Zainovia Lockman Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
  • Ping-Hei Chen National Taiwan University Taiwan
    Complex heat transfer phenomena on nanoparticle-modified surfaces
  • Zhisong Wang National University of Singapore Singapore
    From nanomaterials to nanomachinery
  • Gil Do Jeong Jeonbuk National University South Korea
    Dynamic Cross Network for Multi Robot system
  • Hsiang-Chen Wang National Chung Cheng University Taiwan
    Synthesis and characterization of Cu2O/ZnO core-shell nanorod samples
  • Jonathan Adams Seoul National University South Korea
    Impacts of carbon nanotubes on soil microbial communities
  • Kenji Shiraishi Nagoya University Japan
    First Principles Material Design for Future Electron Devices
  • Joon Myong Song Seoul National University South Korea
    Multifunctional silvernanoparticle wound-healing agent
  • Subhananda Chakrabarti Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
  • Masaharu Oshima University of Tokyo Japan
    Soft X-ray operando spectroscopy for fuel cells and Li ion batteries
  • Yu Ting Nanyang Technological University  Malaysia
  • G.Ali Mansoori University of Illinois at Chicago USA
  • George Z.H. Zhu York University Canada
    Piezoresistivity of Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Functional Composites
  • Christine Luscombe University of Washington USA
  • Heongkyu Ju Gachon University South Korea
  • Zheng Yang University of Illinois at Chicago USA
    Opportunities of utilizing the ultrafast metal-insulator phase transition in vanadium dioxide: materials and devices
  • Harry E. Ruda University of Toronto Canada
  • Levon V. Asryan Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University USA
  • Nor Ashidi Mat Isa Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
    Application of Artificial Neural Network for Aggregate Classification
  • Yoichi Okimoto Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
    Ultrafast control of the ferroelectricity in Co- and Fe-oxides
  • Tsuyoshi Miyazaki National Institute for Materials Science Japan
    Large-scale DFT simulations on nano structured materials using a linear-scaling technique
  • Yu-Shu Wu National Tsing-Hua University Taiwan
    Quantum Manipulation of Valley Pseudospins in Bilayer Graphene: Theory and Applications
  • Kazuya Saito University of Tsukuba Japan
    Molecular Arrangement in Liquid Crystalline Superstructures
  • Chia C. Wang National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
    Probing the intrinsic vibrational and electronic characteristics of aerosols via a multi-functional aerosol instrument
  • Sabre Kais Purdue University USA
  • Ming Lei Zhejiang University China
    Amino functionalized fullerene as cathode interlayer for polymer solar cell
  • Penglei Chen Chinese Academy of Sciences China
    Advanced materials based on graphene-involved nanocomposites: high-performance photocatalysts and nanoelectronics
  • Iam Keong Sou Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
    Novel Properties of Bi2Te3-based topological insulator heterostructures 
  • Hsin-Fei Meng National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
  • Lawrence Yoonsuk Lee Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
    Synthesis of Au/Cu2ZnSnS4 Core/Shell Nanostructure for Photocatalytic Reduction of Water to Hydrogen’
  • Francesca De Stefano Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
    Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy study of Resistive RAM stacks
  • Bae-Yeun Ha University of Waterloo Canada
  • Weiqiang Chen South University of Science and Technology of China China
    Theory for charge and orbital density-wave states in manganite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4
  • Pipat Chooto Prince of ongkla University Thailand
  • Seigo ITO University of Hyogo Japan
    Inorgain Printed Solar Cells
  • Shalom J. Wind Columbia University USA
    Directed biomolecular assembly of functional nanomaterials and nanostructures
  • Serge M. Nakhmanson University of Connecticut USA
  • Michael Meijler Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel
    Inhibition and disruption of bacterial biofilms through attenuation of quorum sensing
  • Eran Ginossar University of Surrey UK
    Control and dynamics of a superconducting qubit coupled to microwave squeezed vacuum
  • Zurab Guguchia Physik-Institut der Universitat Zurich Switzerland
    Tuning the static spin-stripe phase and superconductivity in La_(2-x)Ba_xCuO_4 (x = 1/8) by hydrostatic pressure
  • Tony Kenyon University College London UK
    Studies of resistive switching in silicon oxide RRAM devices
  • Tetsuo Kodera Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
    Fabrication and characterization of silicon double quantum dots for quantum information devices
  • Xiaoshan Xu University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA
    Multiferroicity in hexagonal transition metal oxides
  • Peter Littlewood Argonne National Laboratory USA
    Oxide materials for energy
  • Xiudong Sun Harbin Institute of Technology China
    Controllable modes coupling and hybridization in metallic-dielectric microcavities
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