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  • Stephen Hughes Queen’s University Canada
  • Alexander-Katz Alfredo Massachusetts Institute of Technology  USA
  • Ying Gu Peking University  China
    Theoretical study of quantum plasmonics
  • Yonggang Wang Fudan University China
    Catalysts for Rechargeable Li-O2/Li-air Batteries
  • Jae Kyeong Jeong Inha University South Korea
    Status and perspective of metal oxide transistors for flexible AMOLED display
  • Hyunae Jeon Korea Institute of Industrial Technology South Korea
    The ultra-low CTE epoxy composite for the semiconductor packaging
  • Jong-Ho Choi Korea university South Korea
    Fabrication and characterization of organic-based optoelectronic devices using cluster beam depostion method
  • Antonio Badolato University of Rochester USA
    Solid State Quantum Photonics
  • Hee Cheul Choi Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea
  • Kyung Hyun Ahn Seoul National University South Korea
    Material design from a perspective of processing
  • Seunghun Hong Seoul National University South Korea
    Hybrid Nanobio-materials for Bio-sensing and Bioelectronic Nose Applications
  • Gregory Wurtz King’s College London  UK
    Ultrafast, nonlinear, and coherent effects in hyperbolic metamaterials
  • Wan Sik Hwang Korea Aerospace University South Korea
    Two-dimensional (2D) crystal semiconductor devices beyond Si electronics
  • Vikram L. Dalal Iowa State University USA
  • Jeong Min Baik Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
  • Bingqing Wei University of Delaware USA
  • Weilong tseng National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
  • Hee-Woo Rhee Sogang University South Korea
    Nanochannels of Nanocomposite Membranes for PEMFC realization
  • Alok Shukla Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
    Theory of optical properties of graphene nanostructures
  • Chang-Sik Ha Pusan National University South Korea
    Periodic mesoporous organosilicas for various applications
  • Yaron Amouyal Israel Institute of Technology Israel
  • Yoon-Bong Hahn Chonbuk National University South Korea
  • Jae Su Yu Kyung Hee Unviersity South Korea
    Fabriation of semiconductor nanomaterials/nanostructures and their device applications
  • Pu-Xian Gao University of Connecticut USA
    Scalable 3-D nanostructure integration: a nanomaterials roadmap toward ultrahigh efficiency, robustness, and multi-functionality
  • Kowit Lertwittayanon Prince of Songkla University Thailand
    Surface modification of Ni/Al2O3 catalyst by CaZrO3 for methane-steam reforming
  • George S. Nolas University of South Florida USA
  • Syamsul Rizal Abd Shukor Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
    Tuneable Encapsulated Drug Si-Nanoparticle Size for Targeted Drug Delivery System
  • Dongmyung Shin Hong Ik University South Korea
    Luminescence Characteristics of Organic Phosphorescence Materials
  • Chunyan Chi National University of Singapore Singapore
    Solution Processable n-Type Acene Based Materials for Organic Field Effect Transistors
  • Sungyoub Kim Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
    Computational Studies on the Instability of metal nanostructures
  • Jia-Jen Ho National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
    Theoretical Study for the Catalytic Dissociation of N2, CO, and NO Molecules on the Ru19, Ru79 Nanoclusters
  • Mitsuhiko Shionoya University of Tokyo Japan
    Molecular Behaviors in Tailored Coordination Spaces
  • Yu-Chang Chen National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
    Thermoelectric properties of atomic/molecular junctions and their applications
  • Jun Ni Tsinghua University China
  • Akiko Ueda University of Tsukuba Japan
    Quantum dots coupling to Topological superconductors
  • Thomas Volz Macquarie University Australia
  • Jae-Do Nam Sungkyunkwan University South Korea
    Core-Shell Microbeads for Opto-Electronic Applications
  • Norzaini Zainal Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
  • Stijn Van Cleuvenbergen University of Leuven Belgium
    Revealing crystallization of metal-organic frameworks from the earliest stages by second-harmonic scattering
  • Meital Boterashvili Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
    Integrated and Segregated Au/γ-Fe2O3 Binary Nanoparticle Assemblies
  • Tok Eng Soon National University of Singapore Singapore
    Epitaxial graphene from Silicon Carbide: Growth Dynamics, Kinetics and Implications
  • Kwang Soo Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea
    Remarkable oxygen reduction catalytic capacity of Pt nanoclusters and nanodendrites in Pt/DNA/reduced-graphene-oxide hybrid materials
  • Siwaporn Meejoo Smith Mahidol University Thailand
    Catalytic oxidation and wastewater treatment
  • You-Quan Li Zhejiang University China
    Extotic Spin Orders in Multiferroics and Their Manipulation
  • Omer Dag Bilkent University Turkey
  • James Analytis University of California, Berkeley USA
    A new frontier in relativistic quantum magnetism
  • Jason Amsden Duke University USA
    Engineering carbon nanomaterials for electrode applications in energy storage, disinfection, and electron emission
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