Gene. Topi. VI

  • Qun Cai Fudan University  China 
    Formation and properties of Graphene grown on SiC substrate
  • Yu-Lung Lo National Cheng Kung University Taiwan  
    Using CdSe QDs for highly sensitive and selective fluorescence probe for Cu2+/Cr3+ ion detection 
  • Chawalit Ngamcharussrivichai Chulalongkorn University Thailand 
    Nanocomposites based on natural rubber and hexagonal mesoporous silica
  • Esashi Masayoshi Tohoku University Japan 
    MEMS on LSI and open collaboration
  • Dipankar Saha Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India 
    GaN based high electron mobility transistors
  • Kwang-Sup Lee Hannam University South Korea 
  • Obrien Paul University of Manchester UK 
  • Kijung Yong Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea 
  • Naoshi Ikeda Okayama university Japan 
    The ferroelectricity of RFe2O4
  • Masayoshi Higuchi National Institute for Materials Science Japan 
    Electrochemical Properties of Orgaic-Metallic Hybrid Polymers
  • Neil Robertson University of Edinburgh UK 
  • Michael Zharnikov Universität Heidelberg Germany 
    Free-standing, biocompatible nanomembranes based on poly(ethylene glycols)
  • Varsha Kulkarni University of South Carolina USA 
    Materials in Space: Composition and Structure of Silicate Dust Grains in Galaxies
  • Iddo Pinkas  Weizmann Institute of Science Israel 
  • Andrii Chumak Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern Germany 
    Spin pumping and inverse spin Hall effect in YIG/Pt bi-layers
  • LO Pik Kwan Peggy City University of Hong Kong China 
    DNA Nanotechnology in Life Sciences
  • Kuan-Wei Lee I-Shou University Taiwan 
    Liquid Phase Oxidation and Correlative Application
  • Noriyoshi Matsumi Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan 
    Organoboron Ion-gel Electrolytes
  • Masum Hossain University of Alberta Canada 
  • Kyu Back Lee Korea University South Korea 
    Materials with nanostructured surfaces for stem cell biology
  • XU Lei Chinese University of Hong Kong China 
    Visualizing Kinetic Pathways in Homogeneous Colloidal Crystallization
  • Jin Yong Lee Sungkyunkwan University South Korea 
    Computational approaches to organic magnetic materials
  • Masahiko Kondow Oasak University Japan 
    Development for photonic crystal laser with circular cavity
  • Anson Ma University of Connecticut USA 
    The Flow Behavior and Processing of Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
  • Roman Sobolewski University of Rochester  USA 
  • Sylwia Ptasinska University of Notre Dame USA 
    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of semiconductors
  • Gregory David Fuchs Cornell University USA 
  • Michael Thompson University of Toronto Canada 
    Prevention of thrombus formation from blood on biomedical materials through surface modification
  • Roger M. Leblanc University of Miami USA 
  • S.D. Mahanti Michigan State University USA 
    Theoretical Modeling of Novel Thermoelectric Materials – Defects and Nanostructures
  • Delphine Gourdon Cornell University USA 
    Mechanical and structural properties of Biomaterials and how those affect cellular function: cell adhesion and secretion
  • Ruth Shinar Iowa State University USA 
  • Ijaz A. Rauf York University Canada 
    Application of Statistical Design of Experiments in Materials Science
  • Yong-Joo Doh Korea University  South Korea 
    Quantum behavior in graphene based supercurrent transistors
  • Manabu Sato Yamagata University Japan 
    Basic research on monitoring of viability of brain using optical coherence tomography
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