Gene. Topi. III

  • Xiaochun Li University of California, Los Angeles USA 
    Solidification Nanoprocessing of Metallic Nanocomposites: From Nanoscience to Nanoproduction
  • Zhongchang Wang Tohoku University Japan 
    Interfaces and grain boundaries in electronic ceramics at the atomic scale
  • Xiaojing Yang Beijing Normal University China 
  • Junichi Kurawaki Kagoshima University Japan 
    Rapid and facile preparation of gold and silver nanocrystals using 4-acylamidobenzenethiol via ultrasonic irradiation
  • Sheng Hsiung Chang National Central University Taiwan 
    Broadband exciton dissociation in P3HT:CBM blend film
  • Xiaohong Tang Nanyang Technological University Singapore 
  • Kenan Gundogdu North Carolina State University USA 
    The valley relaxation dynamics in single layer-MoS2
  • Jun Ge Tsinghua University China 
    Preparation of nanoscaled immobilized enzymes for nanobiocatalysis
  • Tomohiro Amemiya Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan 
    Permeability control in InP-based photonic platforms
  • Molly Stevens Imperial College London UK 
  • Sharifah Bee Universiti Malaya Malaya 
  • LiQiang Zheng Shandong University China 
    Preparation and Characterization of Gold Nanomaterials Asisted by Amphiphilic molecules
  • Ouyang Jianyong National University of Singapore Singapore 
    Graphene and graphene composites as high-performance electrocatalysts for alcohol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions
  • Jim P. Zheng Florida State University USA
  • Hamad Albrithen King Saud University Saudi Arabia 
    ZnO Unusual Alloys CaZnO, SrZnO, and BaZnO: Experimental and Calculation Investigation
  • Adi Salomon Bar-Ilan University Israel 
    Coupling between plasmonic systems and their interaction with molecules
  • Duong Hai Minh National University of Singapore Singapore 
    Advanced properties and applications of carbon-based engineering aerogels
  • Rafal  Klajn Weizmann Institute of Science Israel 
  • Lesley Cohen Imperial College UK
     Advanced Magnetic Materials
  • Albrecht Jander Oregon State University USA 
    Printed magnetic materials
  • Raffaele Mezzenga ETH Zurich Switzerland 
  • Milind N. Kunchur University of South Carolina USA 
    Novel transport phenomena in thin superconducting films in parallel magnetic fields
  • Michael McAlpine Princeton University USA 
  • Peihong Zhang University at Buffalo, SUNY USA 
    Hole-lattice Coupling and Photoinduced Insulator-metal Transition in VO2
  • Oded Millo Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel 
  • Yi-Tsung Chang National Sun Yat-Sen University Taiwan 
  • David Kisailus University of California at Riverside  USA 
    Biologically inspired nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage
  • Apurba Laha Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India 
    Epitaxial Rare Earth Oxides on Si, SiGe and Ge: Potential Candidates for Future Nanoelectronic Devices
  • Tetsuo Oka Niigata University Japan 
    High temperature superconducting bulk magnets and the magnetic behaviors in activation processes
  • Byungwoo Park Seoul National University South Korea 
    Nanoscale Interface Control for Photoluminescence and Solar-Cell Applications
  • Razaina Mat Taib Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia 
    Properties of kenaf fiber-unsaturated polyester composites prepared by resin transfer molding technique
  • Franklin Tao University of Notre Dame USA 
  • Chung-Yung Jetty Lee University of Hong Kong China 
  • Yasuhiro Sugawara Osaka University Japan 
    Force spectroscopy of metal-oxide surface
  • Xuechu Shen Chinese Academy of Sciences China 
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