3D Res. I

  • Jae-Hyeung Park Inha University South Korea
  • Xiaojun Chen Shanghai Jiao Tong University China 
    3D Printing Technology and its Clinical Application
  • Vladimir. V. Petrov Saratov State University Russia 
  • Tae-Seong Kim Kyung Hee University South Korea 
    3D Depth Imaging, Human Pose and Activity Recognition, Smart Health Care, Smart Home Services
  • Douk Ho Hwang  Seoul National University South Korea 
    Applications of 3D modeling in medical fields
  • Wen-Liang Hwang Academia Sinica Taiwan 
    Multi-focus image fusion in light field photography
  • Hong-Seok Lee Samsung Electronics South Korea
    Holographic 3D Display
  • Zhi-Hui Wang Dalian University of Technology China 
    Information hiding in 3D video
  • Dan Yu Central South University China 
    The distal hyperintense vessel sign on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery magnetic resonance imaging: prediction of infarct volume in patients with acute ischemic stroke
  • Patrick Le Callet Université de Nantes\IRCCyN France 
    Quality of Experience in 3D multimedia applications
  • Francisco J. Cuevas Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica Mexico 
    Softcomputing techniques applied to Optical Metrology
  • Zhe Guo Northwestern Polytechnical University China 
    Face recognition and expression interpretation based on the 3D facial information
  • George Pavlidis Athena Research and Innovation Center Greece 
    3D technologies in cultural heritage
  • Shoji Kawahito Shizuoka University Japan 
    CMOS Time-of-Flight 3D Image Sensors with Electric Field Modulation
  • Sung Kyu Kim Korea Institute of Science and Technology South Korea 
    Low Crosstalk autostereoscopic 3D display
  • Zonghua Zhang Hebei University of Technology China 
    Phase-calculation based 3D imaging system by using sinusoidal fringe projection
  • Freddy Alberto Monroy Ramírez National University of Colombia in Bogotá Colombia 
  • Norio Tagawa Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan 
    Computational model of 3-D perception based on fixational eye movements
  • Freddy Alberto Monroy Ramírez Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia  
  • TSANG Wai Ming Peter City University of Hong Kong China 
    Fast Rendering of Computer Holo-graphics Model
  • Hiroki Takada University of Fukui Japan 
    Effects of Peripheral Viewing on Human Body during Exposure to Video Clips
  • Dug Young Kim Yonsei University South Korea 
    3D volume reconstruction of a phase object with digital holographic microscopy
  • Min-Chul Park Korea Institute of Science and Technology South Korea 
  • Junchang Li Kunming University of Science and Technology China 
    Hologrphic 3D animation algorithm research based on the virtual hologrphic element
  • Naoki Takada Kochi University Japan 
    Real-time electroholography using multi-GPU cluster system with infiniband network

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