Gene. Topi. IX

Long-Li Lai National Chi Nan University Taiwan
porous materials of unconventional triazine-based dendrimers
Shunri Oda Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Si quantum dots for future electronics
Kalman Varga Vanderbilt University USA
Time-dependent simulation of interaction of electromagnetic fields and nanostructures
Craig Yuan Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan
Greener quantum-dot light-emitting devices
Manoj Gupta Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Fajun Xiao Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Spectroscopy study of individual carbon nanotubes
Xuehao He Tianjin Unvieristy China
The shape and structure tranformation of block copolymer particles in selective solvents
Wen-Cheng Wei National Taiwan University Taiwan
3D layer manufacturing
TSANG Yuen Hong Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Xuetao Gan Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Fiber-integrated graphene optoelectronics
Satoshi Yasuda  Hokkaido University Japan
Carbon Nanotube Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reation
Ijaz A. Rauf York University Canada
Application of Statistical Design of Experiments in Materials Science
Azusa Muraoka University of Tokyo Japan
Yousuke Ooyama Hiroshima University Japan
Development of D-π-Cat Dye Sensitizers with Catechol Group for Type-II Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Anis Haque University of Calgary Canada
Kenji Shiraishi Nagoya University Japan
Toshihiro Nakamura Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan
Resistive switching in metal-manganite interfaces
Judy Wu University of Kansas USA
Engineering interfaces of carbon-based nanohybrids for high-performance optoelectronic devices
Hidekazu Kumano Hokkaido University Japan
Single and entangled biphoton generation from semiconductor quantum dot for secure cryptographic telecommunication
Iskandar Yahya Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia
Carbon Nanotube Post-synthesis separation: Methods and device applications
Tsuhan Chen Cornell University USA
Norzita Ngadi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
Textile Sludge-Based Activated Carbon for Dyes Removal
Tetsuya Yamamoto Kochi University of Technology Japan
Rong Limei University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Microstructure and mechanical properties of microwave garnet ferrite materials
Dae-Ho Yoon Sungkyunkwan University Korea
Design of remote phosphor using the graphene for thermal performance in white LED applications
Fang Duan Jiangnan University China
Synthesis of three-dimensional bismuth-based photocatalysts and their photocatalytic property
Yinghong Peng Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Dong Ha Kim Ewha Womans University Korea
Integration of diverse carbon-based hybrid nanomaterials for high efficiency solar cells
Tomi T. Li National Central University  Taiwan
Thermal CVD method for coating SiC on graphite suceptor of MOCVD reactor
Nori Takagi University of Tokyo Japan
Single molecule magnetism
Jerry Bernholc North Carolina State University USA
Electronic Structure and Electron Transport in Carbon-Based Nanosystems
Yi-Tsung Chang National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
Infrared Gas Sensing of MEMS with Shock Effect
Didik Prasetyoko Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia
Formation of mesoporous aluminosilicate directly from kaolin
Roman Engel-Herbert Pennsylvania State University USA
Vanadium based correlated oxides: Prospects and realization of novel optoelectronic devices
Fei Zeng Tsinghua University China
Ion dependent frequency filtering and learning of semiconducting polymer/electrolyte composite
Hiroshi Fukuoka Hiroshima University Japan
High-pressure synthesis, structures, and properties of new germanides
Masaki Nakano Nagasaki University Japan
Thick film magnets prepared by various laser energy density
Steven Mullens Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) Belgium
Innovative ceramic shaping technologies for the future challenges
Makoto Sakurai Kobe University Japan
Potential effects in the interaction of highly charged ions with solid surfaces
Tung-Yuan Yung Institute of Nuclear Energy Research Taiwan
Nanocomposites of Graphene and Metal Nanoparticles for Electrochemical Applications

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