Gene. Topi. VIII

Rapee  Gosalawit-Utke Suranaree University of technology Thailand
Nanoconfinement of hydride materials in porous hosts for reversible hydrogen storage
Yuen Hong TSANG Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Junichi KURAWAKI Kagoshima University Japan
Facile preparation and luminescence studies of Au and Ag clusters with fatty-acid based benzene thiols
Mo Li Georgia Institute of Technology USA
Quantification of 3D microstructures from experiment and theory and their applications
Alfonso Ngan University of Hong Kong China
Nanostructured Metallic and Oxide Actuating Materials
Xiang Zhou Sun Yat-Sen University China
The optical properties of OLEDs
Katsuhiko Higuch Hiroshima University Japan
Electronic structures of the crystalline silicon immersed in the magnetic field
Tongmin Wang Dalian University of Technology China
Crystal growth behaviour and controlling of metallic alloy
Michael M. Meijler National Institute for Biotechnology Israel
Xiangdong Ding Xi’an Jiaotong University China
Twinning in Strained Ferroelastics: towards domain boundary engineering
Yong-Chang Han Dalian University of Technology China
Super energy transfer in the collision of fast H atom with acetylene
Akira Ishibashi Hokkaido University Japan
Clean unit system platforms (CUSPs) for processing new solar cells and for medical/hygienic applications
Antonio H. Castro Neto National University of Singapore Singapore
Violeta Navarro Paredes University Leiden Netherlands
Following a Co(0001) catalyst in situ with a high pressure STM
Yoichi Okimoto Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Ultrafast optical responses in transition metal oxides
Zhou Yang University of Science & Technology Beijing China
Design and synthesis of organic dyes for optoelectronics and biomedical applications
Zhisong Wang National University of Singapore Singapore
From biomaterials to nanoscale motors
Richard Jackman University College London UK
Nano-scale carbon materials for supercapacitor applications
Scott Beckman Iowa State University USA
Bonding and in the boron-rich borides and the effect composition
Siti Nikmatin Bogor Agricultural University Indonesia
Microstructure and Properties of the Bionanocomposite of Polypropylene Reinforced with Cellulose Nanoparticles Biomass of Rattan
Nandini Trivedi Ohio State University USA
Maria Cecília Salvadori University of São Paulo Brazil Surfaces modifications and some applications
Jim P. Zheng Florida State University USA
Tey Lai Hock  Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia
Joey Talghader University of Minnesota USA
John J Quinn University of Tennessee USA
Correlation Diagrams: an Intuitive Approach to Correlations in Quantum Hall Systems
Maizatulnisa Othman International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
Wang Shijie National University of Singapore Singapore
Wen Qiye University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Graphene and Phase-transition materials for Terahertz wave Manipulation
Susanne Mueller ETH Zurich Switzerland
Transport studies on mesoscopic devices of the 2D toplogical insulator candidate InAs/GaSb
Hsien-chung Kao National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
Long range electron-electron interactions in graphene make its electrodynamics nonlocal
Valery I. Levitas Iowa State University USA
Melt dispersion mechanism for oxidation of aluminum nano- and microscale particles
Byungchul Kim Hanyang university Korea
The physical properties of carbon nano felt prepared from electrospun pitch
Masaki KOBAYASHI High Energy Accelerator Research Organization  Japan
Origin of the Anomalous Mass Enhancement of the Subbands in Strongly-correlated Oxide Quantum Well structures
Kang Hway Chuan National University of Singapore Singapore
Transport and adsorption water in graphene layers
Pil Seok Chae Hanyang University Korea
Novel materials for membrane protein analysis
Koichi Nagamoto LINTEC Corporation Japan
GZO;In Thin Films for Flexible transparent Conductive Electrodes
Yi Wang Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Nanoencapsulation of anti-cancer drugs by natural materials
Bien Tan Huazhong university of Science & Technology China

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