Gene. Topi. VII

Satoru Shoji University of Electro-Communications Japan
Laser fabrication of carbon nanotube/polymer composite 3D micro/nano-structures
Dao-Hua ZHANG Nanyang Technological University Singapore
III-V Antimonides for infrared photodetection
Satoshi Okuma Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions in Driven Vortices of Amorphous Superconducting Films
Hongshang Peng Beijing Jiaotong University China
Assessment of tumor mitochondrial dysfunction by monitoring respiratory activity using targetable phosphorescent nanosensors for oxygen
Masayuki Yamaguchi Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Interphase transfer of nanofillers in immiscible polymer blends
Kyeongjae Cho University of Texas at Dallas USA
Grosfeld Eytan Ben-Gurion University Israel
Majorana-transmon qubit strongly coupled to a cavity
Boyun Jang Korea institute of energy research Korea
Various approaches to synthesis of silicon nanoparticles and their applications
Tomohiko Okada Shinshu University Japan
Ion-exchangeable core-sehll spherical particles derived from silica and silicates
Liang Fang Xi’an Jiaotong Unniversity China
Abrasive wear of material in residual stress simulated by a molecular dynamics approach
Jeonghoon Yoo Yonsei University Korea
Cristine Villagonzalo University of the Philippines
Diliman Philippines Spin-orbit coupled effects on the transport of two-dimensional electron systems and nanowires
Stéphane  Albon Boubanga  Tombet Tohoku University Japan
Plasmon-Resonant Terahertz Emitters and Detectors and their System Applications
Chyuan Haur Kao Chang Gung University Taiwan
High Dielectric Constant (K) Material for Bio-Sensor Application
Hiroshi Ikenoue Kyushu University Japan
Laser direct writing of graphene
Stephen Hughes Queen’s University Canada
Watanabe Isao RIKEN Japan
muSR studies on strongly correlated systems and muon site estimations
Shigeru Sugiyama Osaka University Japan
New technique for Growth of High-Quality Protein Crystals
Yue Ma Beihang University China
Non-uniform nano-microstructures of 2198 Al-Li alloy processed by severe deformation
Tetsuji Okuda Kagoshima University Japan
Hole doping effect on the magnetic property of triangular lattice antiferromagnetic CuCrO2
Douglas B. Chrisey Tulane University USA
High-Throughput Manufacturing of Polymer-Ceramic Nanocomposite Dielectric Capacitors Designed for Energy Storage
Lu Li University of Michigan USA
Quantum Oscillations in Kondo Insulator
Yoichi Takanishi Kyoto University Japan
Ikeda Naoshi Okayama University Japan
Chemical and Physical Properties of Electronic Ferroelectric Material RFe2O4
Yong Soo Cho Yonsei University Korea
Printing Technology of Remote Phosphor Layer for High Performance White LED
D. N. Wang Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Kwang-Sup Lee Hannam University Korea
Quantum Dots for Optoelectronic Applications
Nor Khairusshima International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
The effect of cutting parameters during Machining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
Seung-Bok Choi Inha University Korea
Inherent Characteristics and Potential Applications of Smart Materials
Youngkyoo Kim Kyungpook National University Korea
Rebecca Cheung University of Edinburgh UK
MEMS resonators and sensors
D. Darminto Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia
Development of magnetic fluids and gels containing Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Alexei Gruverman University of Nebraska–Lincoln USA
Yuji Furukawa Iowa State University USA
NMR studies of the iron pnictide superconductors Ca(Fe1-xCox)2As2
Nobuyasu Adachi Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan
The preparation and magneto-optical properties Bismuth Iron Garnet on glass substrate
Igor Lyuksyutov Texas A&M University USA
Nanomagnet-Superconductor Hybrids
Norhashimah Shaffiar International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
Fatigue Failure Processes in Pb-free Solder Joints using Continuum Damage and Cohesive Zone Models
Norio Kawakami Kyoto University Japan
Theory of Strongly Correlated Superlattice Systems
Bo Hou Soochow University China
Coherent perfect absorption of ultrathin conductive films
Anderson Janotti University of California – Santa Barbara USA

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