Gene. Topi. VI

Jiang Jianwen National University of Singapore Singapore
Metal-organic frameworks for energy, environmental and pharmaceutical applications
GHAZALI KAMARUL HAWARI BIN Universiti Malaysia Pahang Malaysia
Yujie Xiong University of Science and Technology of China China
Design of Inorganic Hybrid Structures for Photocatalytic Energy Conversion
Mokoto Kasu Saga University Japan
NO2-Exposed H-Terminated Diamond MOSFETs -Present Status and Understanding
Yasufumi FUJIWARA Osaka University Japan
Ioan Baldea Universität Heidelberg Germany
Limitations of current approaches to the charge transport at nanoscale
Wen-Liang Hwang Academia Sinica Taiwan
Ji-Jun Zou Tianjin University China
Morphology and interface control of 3D oxygen-defected tungsten oxide for highly efficient photocatalysis
A. K. Suresh Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Diffusion in nanofluids: some anomalous results, their explanation and implications for the process industry
Qiang Wang Northeastern University China
High magnetic field controlled structure evolution and magnetic properties of the Ni-Fe nano-films
Hirokazu Kobayashi Nihon University Japan
Amartya Mukhopadhyay Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay India
In-situ studies on electrode materials for Li/Na-ion batteries
Guosong Wu City University of Hong Kong China
Bioinspired and biobased surface modification of magnesium alloys
Syamsul Rizal Abd Shukor Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Jun Yamamoto Kyoto University Japan
Fast response and low voltage driving principle in the ferroelectric liquid crystals on the slippery interfaces
Xiaomin Ren Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
The Energy-Level-Dispersion Effect and the Fractional Dimensionality of Electron-States-Architecture in Solid-State Materials
Yusheng Shi Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
Shoko KUME Hiroshima University Japan
Various approaches to synthesis of silicon nanoparticles and their applications
Zhenyang Zhong Fudan University China
Toward feasible and promising modulation of self-assembled GeSi nanostructures via heterooepitaxy on miscut Si(001) substrate
Vladimir Mitin State University of New York USA
Md. K. Nazeeruddin Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland
Power from the Sun: Perovskite Solar Cells
Soon Yong Kwon Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
Growth of multifunctional, two-dimensional carbon films and its applicaitions
Sang-Hyun Oh University of Minnesota USA
Jun Ni Tsinghua University China
Hiroyuki Shima University of Yamanashi Japan
Geometry, Mechanics, and Electronics of Carbon Nanocoils
George E. Klinzing University of Pittsburgh USA
Takeharu HAINO Hiroshima University Japan
Molecular recognition of self-assemmbled capsule
Jiandong Ye Nanjing University China
MOVPE grown ZnO-based heterostructures towards high performance electronic devices
Noritaka Saito Kyushu University Japan
Joining of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics using Metallic Interlayer
Tetsuo Tsuchiya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan
Oxide thin film for the flexible electronics
Jing Liang Northeastern University China
Direct laser deposition of titanium composite materials
Yu-Shu Wu National Tsing-Hua University Taiwan
Valley filters for graphene-based valleytronics
Nan Jia Northeastern University China
Texture and microstructure evolution during shear banding in cold-rolled metals
Tsuyoshi Minami Yamagata University Japan
The Development  of Chemical Sensors and Biosensors based on Organic Transistors
Xiangzhan Wang University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Stress attenuation and localization in strained-silicon MOSFETs
Karthik Shankar University of Alberta Canada
TiO2 nanotube arrays: A platform to explore interesting optical and electronic phenomena & devices
Ekaphan Swatsitang Khon Kaen University Thailand
Fe-doped SrTiO3 nanofibers as an anode of Li ion battery
Minbo Lan East China University of Science and Technology China
Micro/Nanomaterials Based Inkjet Printed Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing Applications
James L. Merz University of Notre Dame USA
Wigner Localization in Compound Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Masashi Hasegawa Nagoya University Japan
Souad A. Mohamad Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
Synthesis of Light Composite Material for Renewable Energy Application
M. Shahjahan Osaka University Japan
Magnetic Half Metallicity and Spintronics
Shuji SHIMAMURA Yamaguchi University Japan
Anharmonic vibration peculiar to clusters

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