Gene. Topi. III

Zhang Tianli Beihang University China
Preparation and characterization of anisotropic nanocrystalline magnet
Yuval Golan Ben-Gurion University of the Negev  Israel
New insights on surfactant assisted synthesis of anisotropic semiconductor nanoparticles
Hee-Tae Jung Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology Korea
Secondary Sputtering Lithography and Their Applications to Optoelectronics
Zheng Yang University of Illinois at Chicago USA
Jian-Bin Xu Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Exploration of graphene and graphene-like materials cum the related devices
Shuzi Hayase Kyushu Institute of technology Japan
Perovskite solar cells with low temperature process
Yingwei  Li South China University of Technology China
MOF-based materials for selective oxidation reaction
Oveisi Emad Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland
Tilt-less electron tomography
Jianwen Dong Sun Yat-Sen University China
Chao Liang -Chiun National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan
Photoluminescent and photosensing properties of ZnO nanowires
Joseph Poon University of Virginia USA
Switching States of Amorphous Magnetic Films
Suasmoro Institute of Technology ‘Sepuluh Nopember’ Surabaya Indonesia
The influence of density and nano-size grains Mg0.7Zn0.3TiO3 for capacitor application
Qinmin Pan Harbin Institute of Technology China
Fabrication of 3D porous superhydrophobic foams and their application for oil-water separation
Masahiko Higuchi Shinshu University Japan
Dynamical Current-Density Functional Theory for Metamaterials
Yan Zhang Capital Normal University Beijing China
Metasurface materials for THz wavefront modulation
Young-Kyun Kwon Kyung Hee University Korea
Strain-Induced Topological Phase Transition in Phosphorene Oxides
Norio Tagawa Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan
Depth from motion based on multi-scale belief propagation
Mashitah Mat Don Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Pycnoporus sanguineus, a potential wood degrading fungus for silver nanoparticles (AGNPs) production
Kyeong-Sik Min Kookmin University Korea
Memristor-based neuromorphic circuits and applications
Liping Wang University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
In-situ XRD diffraction technique to detect the reaction mechanism of lithium ion battery materials
Kil To Chong Jeonbuk National University Korea
Crossover network for aerial robot
Yi Zhang Nankai University China
Controllable growth of CZTSe film and solar cell
Josep Nogues Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  Canada
Quanhong Yang Tianjin University China
Graphene assembly for energy storage
Xiao Ma South China University of Technology China
A novel two-way shape memory Ni-Ti alloy with small transformation hysteresis prepared by rapid solidification followed by constraint aging treatment
Antonio Martins Figueiredo Neto Instituto de Física Brazil
Anyong Qing University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Electromagnetic Composite Materials: Modeling, Synthesis, and Applications
Masa-aki Haga Chuo University Japan
Fabrication and Functions of Multi-Layered Molecular Devices Based on Surface Coordination Chemistry
Nobuyoshi Koshida Tokyo Univ. of Agri. & Tech. Japan
Functional applications of nanostructured silicon
Jeng-Chung Chen National Tsing-Hua University Taiwan
Chun Li University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Controlled Growth of 2D Layered Chalcogenide for Photodetector Application
Marco Rolandi University of Washington USA
Rolf Lortz VSM- KU Leuven China
Superconductivity on the nanoscale: dimensional crossovers and topological superconductivity
Yutaka Wakayama National Institute for Materials Science Japan
Molecular functions in Si-based tunneling devices
Sakir Erkoc Middle East Technical University Turkey
Structural Properties of Indium Phosphide Nanorods under mechanical effects and heat treatment
Kyu Back Lee Korea University Korea
Finding optimal nanostructures for the modulation of stem cell responses using various gradient nanopatterns
A.R.M. Alamoud King Saud University Saudi Arabia
Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor and its applications in analog circuit designing
Thomas Lemberger Ohio State University USA
Properties of two-dimensional cuprate superconducting films vs. three-dimensional materials
Xingyu Gao Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Synchrotron based study of Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells
Chia-Jyi Liu National Changhua University of Education Taiwan
Low thermal conductivity of thermoelectric materials

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