Gene. Topi. II

Andrea Li Bassi Politecnico di Milano Italy
Yonggang Zhao Tsinghua University China
Evolution of Ni nanofilaments and electromagnetic coupling in the resistive switching of NiO
Sung Ho Cho Hanyang University Korea
Vital Signal Measurements Using an UWB Radar Sensor
Stefan Seeger University of Zurich Swiss
WANG Shijie National University of Singapore Singapore
2D materials growth and integration with dielectrics for nanoelectronic application
Dong-Pyo Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea
Continuous-flow Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials by Microreactors and Their Applications
Lei Bi University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Nonreciprocal photonic devices and magneto-plasmonic structures using monolithically integrated yttrium iron garnet thin films on silicon
RUSLI E Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Study of Thin Film Hybrid Solar Cells
Yongchang Liu Tianjin University China
Multiple Pinning Effects and Enhanced Critical Current Density in Glycine-doped MgB2 Bulks Underwent Two-step Sintering
CheolGi Kim Chungnam National University Korea
Goro Mizutani Japan Advanced Instiute of Science and Technology Japan
Nonlinear optical properties of metallic nanowire arrays with controlled cross sectional shapes
Yong-Hoon Cho Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea
GaN-based quantum nanophotonics
Waseem S. Bakr Princeton University USA
Synthetic Quantum Matter with Ultracold Atoms
Stuart Tessmer Michigan State University USA
Sharifah Bee Universiti Malaya Malaysia
Role of Catalyst in nanostructuring of carbon
Lu Rong Beijing University of Technology China
Terahertz Holography for Biological Imaging
Koichi Yamashita University of Tokyo Japan
Xianfang Zhu Xiamen University China
Nanoinstability and nanoprocessing of one dimensional nanostructure as driven by nanocurvature and electron beam athermal activation
Pei Yuan China University of Petroleum China
Tailored silica hollow microspheres with penetrating macroporous shells: synthesis, formation machenism and applications
Asif Mahmood King Saud University Saudi Arabia
Magnetic and photocatalytic response of Ag-doped ZnFeO nano-composites for photocatalytic degradation of reactive dyes in aqueous solution
Xiangdong Xu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
DAST-based Materials for Optoelectronic Applications
Jyh-Ping Chen Chang Gung University Taiwan
Controlled Release of Doxorubicin from Folate-Conjugated Graphene Oxide in Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel for Cancer Therapy
Kosmas Prassides Tohoku University Japan
Current issues in molecular superconductivity
Ryo Nouchi Osaka Prefecture University Japan
Field-effect surface chemistry: Gate-controlled photo-oxidation of graphene
Lung-Chien Chen National Taipei University of Technology Taiwan
Properties of DSSCs with graphene sandwich structure prepared by different methods
Kaibo Zhen Lund University Sweden
Photo-induced dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots for solar cell application
Chun-Pei Cho National Chi Nan University Taiwan
Priya Vashishta University of Southern California USA
Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanosystems
Zhang Qing Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Yasuo Koide National Institute for Materials Science Japan
High-k and heterojunction gate Diamond Field Effect Transistors
Susumu Okada University of Tsukuba Japan
Geometric and electronic structures of nanocarbon materials
Mariela Andrea Menghini VSM- KU Leuven Belgium
The metal-insulator transition in thin and ultrathin films of V2O3 and V2O3-based multilayers
Seng Neon Gan International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
Sylwia Ptasinska University of Notre Dame USA
Dynamic Chemistry Involved in Oxidation of Gallium Phosphide Surface Tracked by Near Ambient Pressure XPS
Uwe Erb University of Toronto Canada
Advances in electrodeposited nanostructured materials: synthesis, structure, properties and industrial applications of nanomaterials made by electrochemical synthesis
Chuanbao Cao  Beijing Institute of Technology China
Two dimensional nanomaterials: synthesize and energy storage/conversion applications
Takao Watanabe Hirosaki University Japan
Effects of Te-annealing for Fe_1+yTe_1-xSe_x
Yuli Lyanda-Geller Purdue University USA
Hiroshi Katagiri Yamagata University Japan
Sulfonylanilines: A New Class of Fluorescent Dyes

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