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Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research (CC3DMR 2015)


Oral (15 min) and Posters solicited:

  • Abstracts are solicited for both oral (regular: 15 min) and poster presentations.
  • Various session and social programs
  • Qualified for one SCI conference proceeding
  • Over 75 % suggested for SCI, SCOPUS, EI indexed journals

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ABOUT Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research (CC3DMR) 2015

Welcome to the Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research (CC3DMR) 2015! With the success of the Collaborative Conference on 3D & Materials Research (CC3DMR) 2011 (http://www.acknol.org/3DMR) held in Jeju island, Korea and CC3DMR 2012 (http://www.oaso.org/ccmr) held in Seoul, Korea, CC3DMR 2013 (http://www.cc3dmr.org/m2013/) held in Jeju island, Korea, CC3DMR 2014 (http://www.cc3dmr.org/m2014/) held in Incheon/Seoul, Korea, CC3DMR 2015 will continue providing interdisciplinary forum for the open communication in understanding physical, chemical, and biological materials of any compositions and morphologies, including carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanoparticles, nanowires, and quantum dots. Materials research, the sciences and technologies for the generation, processing, and fabrication of materials, is where disciplines merge and where they diverge into a remarkable range of applications from electronics to health care that touch, or will soon touch, the lives of millions. This collaborative conference series is established to enable technological developments in the various fields of materials and to further the goal of unifying materials research in engineering, physics, biology, materials science, as well as chemistry and neuroscience. CC3DMR 2015, as the fifth conference in this series, offers materials researchers the opportunity to discuss and exchange information with the frontiers in their fields and network with scientists from various other fields for potential interdisciplinary collaborations.
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(Over 75 % suggested for SCI, SCOPUS, EI indexed journals)

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Busan [Evening Excursions & Friday tour]

Busan is South Korea’s second largest metropolis after Seoul, with a population of approximately 4.6 million. It is the largest port city in South Korea and the world’s fifth busiest seaport by cargo tonnage. The city is located on the southeastern-most tip of the Korean peninsula. It was also one of the host cities for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and is a center for international conventions in Korea. The city is considering its bid to host the 2032 or 2036 Summer Olympics.





CC3DMR 2015 Conference Program with Sessions

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Snapshots of Collaborative Conference on 3D & Materials Research

http://aqnmol.kw.ac.kr/SanpshotsOfCC3DR2014.html (CC3DMR 2014): ~ 450 participants
http://aqnmol.kw.ac.kr/SanpshotsOfCC3DR2013.html (CC3DMR 2013): ~ 550 participants
http://aqnmol.kw.ac.kr/SanpshotsOfCC3DR2012.html (CC3DMR 2012): ~ 250 participants
http://aqnmol.kw.ac.kr/SanpshotsOfCC3DR2011.html (CC3DMR 2011): ~ 150 participants




Sessions are going to be organized in terms of relative topics. CC3DMR will run parallel sessions simultaneously. In this manner, participants would have choice of topics.
Programs including author list and dates will be available when reaching the conference.

[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2014]
[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2013]
[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2012]
[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2011]






 International Advisory Committee

Scientific Program Committee

International Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee




A short list of confirmed Invited Speakers:

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Cengiz Kaya Yildiz Technical University Turkey
Asaad H. Ismail Salahaddin University- Erbil Iraq
Masaharu Oshima University of Tokyo Japan
Shu Yin Tohoku University Japan
Carlo Montemagno University of Alberta Canada
Axel Enders University of Nebraska USA
Zonghoon Lee Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
Wen-Yong Lai Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications China
Takashi Fukuda National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan
Yo-Sung Ho Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
Yue Liu Beijing Institute of Technology China
Dongfeng XUE Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Heon-Jin Choi Yonsei University Korea
Andrea Li Bassi Politecnico di Milano Italy
Sung Ha Hanyang University Korea
Yonggang Zhao Tsinghua University China
Sung Ho Cho Hanyang University Korea
Stefan Seeger University of Zurich Swiss
CheolGi Kim Chungnam National University Korea
Masato Kobayashi Hokkaido University Japan
WANG Shijie National University of Singapore Singapore
Dong-Pyo Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea
Lei Bi University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Zhang Tianli Beihang University China
Yuval Golan Ben-Gurion University of the Negev  Israel
Hee-Tae Jung Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology Korea
Zheng Yang University of Illinois at Chicago USA
Jian-Bin Xu Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Shuzi Hayase Kyushu Institute of technology Japan
Yingwei  Li South China University of Technology China
Oveisi Emad Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland
Jianwen Dong Sun Yat-Sen University China


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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China