3D Res. I

Lambertus Hesselink Stanford University USA
3-D Differential Phase Contrast X-Ray Imaging: recent results
Do Hyun Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea
3D printed functional module assembly for various reaction systems
Yo-Sung Ho
 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
Multiview 3D Video Capturing and Processing System
Yue Liu Beijing Institute of Technology China
Machine learning based fatigue evaluation of 3D Display
Jens F. Jensen Aalbor University Denmark
3D Social Virtual Words – new concepts, new methods and new theories
YongKeun Park Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology Korea
Profiling individual red blood cells using 3-D diffraction optical tomographic microscopy
Hui Li Beijing Institute of Technology China
Design and Construction of 3D Coordination Complex Toward Functional Materials
Keita Takahashi Nagoya University Japan
Generating Live Free-Viewpoint Video from Multi-view Camera
Andreas Kurtz Seoul National University Korea
3D-tissue structures for kidney regenration and modeling
HuiChi Chen Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan
Three-dimesional holographic optical tweezers for manipulation and orientation control of rodshape microsample
Chunhui Zhao Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education China
Scene matching: visual sense and avoid in UAV
Canhui Cai Huaqiao University China
Data reuse multiple description coding scheme and its application in 3D video coding
Li Song University of Science and Technology of China
China Graphene oxide based artificial nanostructures: from 2D to 3D
Min-Chul Park Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea
Overview of the Reconstruction Methods for Binary Holograms
Minoru Sasaki Toyota Technological Institute Japan
3D photolithography based on the resist spray coating and realized devices
Philippe Bergonzo LIST Institute France
3D diamond materials for neural interfacing
Zhiquan  Li Jiangnan University China
Efficient water-soluble two-photon initiators for 3D hydrogel microfabrication
Naoki Takada Kochi University Japan
Real-time spatiotemporal division multiplexing electroholography utilizing movie  features
Qiang Wu Nanjing Univeristy China
Synthesis of 3D mesostructure materials and their  application in energy conversion and storage
Jun Xia Southeast University China
Suppression the speckle noise of phase-only holographic display
Yanqing Yang Northwestern Polytechnical University China
TEM 3D tomography of heterogeneous precipitation in aluminum alloys
Byeongmoon Jeong Ewha Womans University Korea
3D cell culture using polypeptide thermal gel
Zexiang Chen University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
3-D nickel-metal layered double hydroxide/CNT nano-architecture composites to enhance supercapacitor energy density and power density greatly
Xianghua Wang Hefei University of Technology China
Material growth and processing involving 3D architectures with two enabling technologies
Qiang Zhang Harbin Institute of Technology China
3D studies of in-situ compressive deformation on aluminum matrix syntactic foam
Rongshan Qin Imperial College London UK
Fabrication of 3D nanostructured steels
Yu Xuecai University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Bottleneck problems in 3D contour industry inspections
Jiang Hao East China University of Science and Technology China
3D carbon-based nanomaterials: design, synthesis and electrochemical performances
Stepan Lucyszyn Imperial College London UK
3D printed microwave and millimeter-wave rectangular waveguides and their applications
Byungwhan Kim Sejong University Korea
Laser hologram to thin film manufacturing
Jianying Zhou Sun Yat-sen University China
Glass-free 3D project
Yasuhiro Takaki Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Japan
Scanning holographic displays using MEMS SLM
Hengxing Ji University of Science and Technology of China China
Three-dimensional sp2 carbon materials for clean energy storage
Weijia Wen Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
Design and fabrication of three dimensional microfluidic chips
Terumitsu TANAKA Kyushu University Japan
GPU-accelerated micromagnetic calculation for design of magnetic storage devices
Liqun Zhang Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
The new biobased, biodegradable and low temperature printed polymer materials for 3D printing
Haim Weissman Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Self Assembly of 1, 2 and 3D structures – Noncovalent Systems  in Aqueous Medium
Jung-Ping Liu Feng Chia University Taiwan
Optical Scanning Holography for 3D imaging
Jing Wang University of South Florida USA
Advanced Additive Manufacturing of RF/Microwave/Millimeter Wave 3D Structural Electronics based on Novel Nanocomposites Materials
Lu Yang University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
A super view synthesis method for video stitching

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